Kamis, 26 Januari 2017

hack games app

hack games app

hi, protechzone viewers. today i'll show you the difference betweentutu premium and tutu free version. first i'll start with tutu premium. if you'll purchase this app then you get tonsof paid apps, hacked apps/games jailbreak apps, tweaked apps, and duplicated apps. as an example you want to install paid appsand games. lets say the total cost of these apps willbe 100$ if you'll purchase these apps directly from appstore but you just need to pay 9.99$for year to get tutu premium. you will pay about 10 times less.

benefits of tutu premium1 year no revokes by apple huge app collectionnice interface and this app cost 9.99$ for year. and now free version of tutu. you'll still get the paid apps and games free. you'll not get all of the jailbreak/cydiaapps, you'll not get duplicated apps and another things. don't forget that this app is revokable byapple anytime, yeah they try to fix that fast. but again these apps are revokable.

if you'll want to install or buy these appsthen you can find the links down in the description. quick disclaimer:this video is only for education purposes. i'm not affiliated either these apps or itsdevelopers. please turn the notifications on not to missthe new videos if this video was helpful to you then pleaselike this video. if you'll have a question then comment orcontact me via twitter. don't forget to share this video and subscribefor more videos.

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