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hack games app no root

hack games app no root

this video will show you how to access and edit the application data for most apps without root or adb on your android device. first you need a multiple accounts app. second, you need a file manager that let's you type the path, preferably with a built in text editor. an ftp server app that let's you type the path will also work. third, you need whatever app you want to edit the appdata of. this last app is optional, but you might want a hibernation app if you don't want the multiple accounts app to take your memory. after you have installed what you needed, open the multiple accounts app and add both the file manager and the app you want to edit the data of. then, open the app you want to edit the data, use it, and close it. now the app's data is written to file.

make sure the app is actually closed by using a hibernation app or a task manager. this will prevent your edits from being overwritten. next, open the file manager and go to /data/data/ the package name of the multiple accounts app. from here, look around until you find a folder with folders of other package names. the rest of the steps are self explanatory. the number i just pasted happens to be the maximum value for int variables in 32-bit programs.

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