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hacked games

hacked games

top of the morning to ya' laddies! my name is jacksepticeye, and welcome to 'welcome to the game'! this is something made by the same person or people who made "rides with strangers", that kinda creepy game where you get into the car and you have to bail out at a certain time, and it looks really interesting, it's about the deep web, which is apparently like a black market of the internet where you get into it and... there's a bunch of really, like, the craziest shit on the internet is on the deep web and i personally have absolutely no experience with it ...but i've heard it's very scary and there's a lot of spooks around it. i think this might be a horror game as well ...but not entirely sure.

but there's a lot of people asking me to play this, especially because i played rides with strangers, and there's a lot of buzz around it, ...a lot of people are saying it's really good and it gets freaky and it's a bit weird ... and a lot of crazy shit happens so, i'm looking forward to it! i dunno what the hell is gonna happen.. "red room: a hidden service on the deep web to see and participate in interactive torture and murder." so that would explain- there's like a snuff movie kinda thing going on at the start, where ... you can see a chair, and then there was like a viewer counter. did my game just crash? no, okay! we-we good...

we good fam! *ring ring* okay, somebody's calling me. answer! incoming call from adam. hello adam! *in game audio *jack* i'm ready!!!!! i'm tough!!!! watch... oww!!! >:(

*in game audio* *jack* oooookkkkay!... so, and from what i have seen there is a lot of, like, pony island stuff.. going on... *jack* okay?! gonna turn you up a small bit cause you're quite low. *in game audio**jack* a.n.n. okay... a nice neck, is what that stands for. *jack* notes...

that stands for not all the elder scrolls. *in game audio**trying not to laugh at terrible joke* *jack* okay that would make sense *jack* astonishing. *jack* okay. so i have to go around the deep web, look for 8 hidden keys like slenderman

"not all the sites have them but some do. you have to explore each page, click the links to see what you discover. a hidden key looks like this." okay, got it. it's 10 pm in the game right now, not in real life its 8pm here. *smol giggle* *jack* okay so the idea of the game is to find the red room, and its not easy to find apparently.

and the red room, i-i assume, is where all the murder and torture and everything takes place. so we have to find all the keys, can't i just take down these? are these the keys? imagine if that was the secret *jack* fuck! *jack* so... find keys, take the no- er.. take the key, write it in my notes. got it! *jack* okay got it... *jack* got it, perfect, this seems fairly straight forward! i can do this! i can deep web

with the best of 'em! *jack* can i just do it already?! *jack* so there's hackers? a d-dos attack, yeah. a d-dos.. is a denial of service attack which stops you from being able to use anything. *mouths* sorry *jack* pro-tip! ah shit! why would ya dos me?! mother of god, ya-

that's what hacking looks like, alright, haha! d-dos blocker uhm oh! oh okay! so now what do i do?! hack blocked, i did it! that wasn't too hard. okay! that makes sense, i imagine that's going to get very hard later. that's scary. ah shit. this is where typing speed is comin- gonna come in. and my microphone blocks my keyboard!

uh oh! i guess so.. *mockingly* ah ha ha ha ha ha go away sans! *quickly* what i do? include iostre- what?! oh! i have to actually type in this?! oh god, where are the fucking keys for this? ah d-r-e-m

done! i did it! okay. do- how much time do i have for this? okay, i have a lot of time.that's good. thats not right? oh, stdio.h and close. god, i thought it was gonna be like apple, george... pringles. i got pringles right there. *chuckles* god this is-this is gonna get hectic! like in real life?! oh shit!

okay so how do i actually turn the lights off? ohhh noooo there's like real world scenarios too! ohh nooo - i do not like this! it's like a "five nights at freddy's" thing! *mouths* fuck! thank you i have a feeling i'm gonna need it okay

can i just not do this?! so as i'm exploring the deep web somebody can actually come in - into my house and try and kidnap me? and if i think i'm being tracked, i have to turn off the lights aw balls i just did a fucking exorcist turn around lets begin! lets go into a.n.n. homepage - oh god

there's a lot of shit in here 'scream bitch'? let's watch that! *jack reads page* okay is it because of the time of day? it's unable to connect to anything! is my-? t-b-router fucked? can i actually turn off and on my router-oh...kay.

this is spooky, there's like spooky sounds going on in the background i don't like it what, if your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy make sure a.n.n browser is permitted to access the web. how do i do that? internet, sound, calendar, days, time... "save progress and go to the main menu" no! do i have any notes yet? no. oh, i actually have to type in notes. oh god.

okay. let's try this again. i'm gonna keep clicking on stuff until something works. here we go! i got into one. i dunno what one this is. *reads* so how do i know- *computer makes sound in game* i just clicked on something.

what did that do? d-is that a secret key? that was a secret thing. there was something secret to click on that. hmm. this is curious- ohh what the fuck? okay so not all of these click. keep trying

yeah, there we go. do i have to keep goin round all the circles- oh mother o' god. don't do this to me don't do this to me! fuck. any of these, the rest of these light up now? most curious. *hack sounds* oh jesus what's happening oh oh i'm being hacked oh i'm being hacked oh

i forgot what's going on shit aw, it's a kernel one. i don't like the kernel ones this is- ah god uh ugh aweo- i can't type fast when i'm under pressure. e-t-h, d-e-s-t, a-d-d-r shit, shit, shit.

wh-why didn't that put in?! oh, i just go straight to this. what?! here we go. uh, e-t-h, a-t-d-r, l-e-n... oh god i'm scared. i'm scared, i'm scared. void, sn-uh, sniff, destroy. ah, god.

i did it. :d i did it, i did i- ohh no hacking for me today, please, thank you. i don't know what else i'm supposed to be doing here. nothing else clicks. ohhhhhhhh. ohhh, there's a lot more to this. oh, why. why do i have to memorize patterns?

are you fucking serious with this shit? aw crap. is there some sort of code in this? is there something i can look at to have a feel for? agh, this sucks! aw, fuck how am i supposed to know which one it is? just keep going through them all i guess. there we go! got it.

now what's next? ooh. yeah i hit the right one. what next? give it to me baby. damn it! one in this, one in here... nice. and then one down here.

should be right. yeah. erm... okay. agh damn it. what were the odds that i was gonna get it first time? there we go. go to that site, go to that, click on that. can i- *grunt* okay. can i ctrl+c, ctrl+v?

aweesomee. that's a cool mechanic. kay, what's it- it didn't let me ctrl+v. okay. i'm gonna- i'm gonna save that in there anyway. *thud thud* did i just hear a noise? hello?

oh god, this is creepy. i don't like this. why wouldn't it let me go to the website? oh god no. clicking that just brought me back here. humm. this game is weird- 'bathroom cams'? ooh, that's fucking dirty. what was the one i was in, i can't remember what one i clicked. okay, here's the new now

*reads page* god, that's fuck'in weird. *continues to read* oh, the deep web is creepy. um... okay can i actually submit something- unable to connect. great. oh god, people finding locations, names, and like emails and everything just from pictures.

"burned at the stake" i heard something. did you guys hear that, it went, "oooh-oooh" *whispers* fuck this game. i think i'm okay for now. *hacking noise* oh god- oh jesus christ that scared me, don't fuck'in do that. *frustrated grunt* what am i being...? kernel attack again.

oh mother of god. oh fuck, i hate this i don't fuck'in use this shit often, i don't- *sighs* ah- eh-. ah id and then this and then p the fuck'in chair moved! oh god!! *whispers* oh god, oh god i'm getting very fucking paranoid, i'm getting very fucking paranoid. oh this is like a fuck'in nightmare.

like just being at home, being at your computer being so enthralled and then you hear something down stairs, and you're like... *whispers* what the fuck i keep thinking i hear shit. i don't like this! *whispers* oh fuck i'm being hacked again, don't go into "cannabis world". "cannabis world" gets you hacked every time you go into it oh fuck, not again

oh god, this was harder to do. this one took longer. oh no. safe. safe, at least for now. okay, i'm not going into "cannabis world" again why do none of these bastards work? god, i hate this game! it's making me all paranoid in real life as well

products? unable to connect? why are certain parts of it blocked off? heroin? crack cocaine? speed? oh god i clicked out of the game. well speed is key, after all, um... can we buy some speed?

unable to connect, of fuck'in course. "xxx teen xxx" fuck! don't be a kernel one, don't be a kernel, be a d-dos dos blocker, okay. i actually get to tryout this now. um, it's coming over to here, it's going down then i need you to go down. and then, down and then right. oh no, oh no!

what did i do? hacked! days lost: four, notes: kept. i lost- i lost four days. there's a read me text on my computer *reads text* ah fuck! i have to go into a.n.n again, and see what's up. a.n.n, what have i you got for me? i need to go into something else- and i'm not going into the cannabis one.

"click click dead" click, click, click, click boom! "the doll maker", "the butcher" "xxx teen" ooh can we watch some porn? um... there was one i was in "dark book," was that the was i was in before? anybody in my house? outta my house! here we go "the butcher"

*horrified and disgusted* ahhh! *continues reading* please don't tell me this is real. *hack noise* oh jesus christ. i'm bein' hacked! just- uh- b- uh wha-what is it, what is it? is it a kernel? is it a d-dos?

it's a kernel, okay. kernel compiler. why? hacking is suppose to be cool, that's what they showed me in the movies. what if you were really bad at typing? oh god i hear something. i hear something... is somebody in my house? somebody in my house?

i'm turning off the light. no. get out of my house. i don't know what to do. my chair has gone back! "take down man" *reads page* is there a special code in the middle of this? ah ffff.... ...uck oh i didn't mean to click out of it.

shit. oh i'm trying to look for special codes and i can't see any. they all end with .a.n.n is there anything? shiiit okay, click out of that one. "passports are us", "pay buddy dollar" what haven't i been in? "the info exchange"

oh god damn it... i thought there would be some info in there, that i can actually use. "hotel a.n.n", "hot burners", "father donald" mr. trump? oh that's creepy... *reads page**page audio begins* *gasp* scared the shit out of me. what?

whatever. join the purge. is there like any secret codes hidden in this? don't hack me. can't join the purge, bro! what's the point? i wanna join the purge. nothing is happening in this fuck'in game "the doll maker" *clicking and creepy music begins* oh, i don't like it. i don't like it.

i don't like it! "i create woman slave toys...."" ew! this is creepy. i don't like this game! please don't tell me that any of this shit is real. i saw something about weed, i wanna get weed. oh maybe that- oh here we go, this will help me. "roger doger" this will help me get through the game.

100% legit- any codes- there we go we found a code everyone! nice, so this is, 5-... nice! anybody com'in into my house? no? okay, nice. "pay buddy dolla", bitch. *whispers* god damn it*screams* come on! this stuff might actually be real. and that kinda freaks me out.

"mobile r.a.t is here" i'm not seeing any codes anywhere. page two... unable to connect. of course it fuck'in is. *whispers* god damn it. what's going on?! oh, oh oh, i'm being hacked oh and i heard somebody in the house!

no bad time, bad time! oh the sounds are freaking me out. i can't do it, i can't do it. i can't do it. i can't do it, man! what am i supp- what am i suppose to- i can't hack. and not get kidnapped at the same time! *whispers* fuck. god damn it, am i failing?

am i failing? *groans* *chair moves* what the- no, no stop it! i hate this! i can't do it, i can't do it in time, i can't do it in time, i'm just gonna lose. i'm- i'm gonna lose i'm gonna lose. i know my time is running out, you fuck.

hacked. days lost one. i just lost one day but i kept all my data. is somebody still in my house? do i still have to turn off the lights? fuck this game, it's making me paranoid as all hell. am i okay? you know what? i'm gonna leave this episode of this game here. this game is weird, i don't know what to think of it. it's- it's all over the place.

i can't progress, i got one- i got one thing, and then all of the stuff going on in background was making me all paranoid, it's freaking me the fuck out. let me know what you guys think of the game, if you want to see more of it. i- i don't know if i'll actually gonna do more of it. it gets inside of your head! cause you're looking at all the stuff, and i don't know if any of the stuff actually in the game, is actually real. like "take down man" and all that stuff.

or how to bleed a body and butcher it- i mean the internet is a crazy place, there's bound to be some sort of weird shit like that to be around the place, and i don't want to go searching for it. because you need special browsers or special permissions and all this kind of special stuff to go onto the deep dark, deep down... deep web. and i don't want to do that because i don't want to get hacked, i don't want to see weird shit. i just wanna be happy, stay positive, and play my video games.

but, anyway thank you guys so much for watching this episode, if you liked it, punch that like button in the face like a boss! and high fives all around. *wipoosh, wipoosh* thank you guys and i will see all you dudes in the next video! *outro music* ain't nobody com'in into my house. try'in to kidnapped me- i, oh-

no, nobody, i'm safe.

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