Jumat, 10 Maret 2017

hacked games download

hacked games download

hey guys . its daystrike here and today iam going to teach you how to get free ps4 games. make you watch the video till the end i have made a new hackwhich will allow you to get free ps4 games, in order to get thehack , you need to subscribe to my channel ,like this video and share this video, if you dont do that then youcannot get free games. so now if you did that then go to yourcomputer and go to play station store and add you account in it ,i have already done mine, so now what you need to do is pick a gamethat you want for free , i am using overwatch

add the game in your basket and then go toyour cart , this is where all the magic happens, you needto click on add 10 digit code and type what i am typing,this is my hacker code after you done that then click on apply , it will say invalid code ,after that then you refresh the page and now as you can see the gameis 0 dollars as well as the sub total that is it, if this didnt work for you thenyou probably didnt subscribe to my channel or like and share this video. and maybe this can be patchedin the future so do this fast

so subscribe bye and i will see you guys later, make sure you watch this video till the endso you dont miss anything

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