Rabu, 22 Februari 2017

hack root

hack root

hi friends are all meet again in this very simple channel i will share new tricks to friends how to use the go pokemon that have been hacked with joystick without modifying android friends if my friends want to try pokemon go that has been hacked let's follow the steps the first install the application tutuapp

this is his apk file and pokemon go mod 0.33.0 version download link these two applications in the video description field i always provide application download link before installing tutuapp and pokemon go mod first uninstall official pokemon go app in android. now i will open tutuapp to view the content of this application

in this application there is also a pokemon go mod this possibility icon download ?! because i do not understand the chinese language after the application is installed on android friends , go to the pokemon go mod to use pokemon go mod application , you must use an account pokemon training club i 'll log this view pokemon go application that has been hacked many pokestop this is a joystick to run

look in the upper left corner is a setting to set the pace running catch pokemon click to regulate normal walking, running or using the vehicle so how to use pokemon go applications that have been hacked may be useful i suggest you should use a new account to run this application in anticipation of the primary account is not banned

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