Jumat, 17 Februari 2017

hack payment google play

hack payment google play

what’s up guys, for complex news i’m alexhudgens. if you’re an anonymous wannabe or just wantto test your hand at a little hacking, then i have the opportunity for you! uber-- you know, the ride-hail company thatyou take home from the bar, or maybe just a few blocks down the street to the grocerystore because you’re lazy-- is willing to pay you $10,000 to hack into its app. the verge reports that uber is looking forexperienced hackers to dive into the app’s code for the “bug bounty” challenge andpoint out any weaknesses or loopholes where the personal information of drivers or ridersmay be at risk.

beginning in may, the ride-share company willpay “security researchers,” aka hackers, to uncover “bugs” in the app’s code.according to the uber website, if you help exterminate a “medium bug” you get $3,000,a “significant bug” gets you $5,000, and a “critical bug” extermination earns you$10,000 dollars. this is good news for users of the app andhackers alike-- better security for personal info, and money in the bank. win-win. the hackathon begins may 1st and will runfor 90 days, so get out there and kill some bugs, coders. you can head over to the theverge to learn more about uber’s hacker loyalty system, because it could mean even*more* money in your pocket.

happy hacking. for all of your news, subscribeto complex on youtube.

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