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hack online in app purchases

hack online in app purchases

now tap on this green button and from here tap on buy. hey whats up guys techsnix here back with another video and in this video i'm going to be showing you the best method to get in app purchases for free in super mario run and unlock all the levels so now i would like to mention that i am giving away one more items $10

gift card so if you would like to enter into to give a then you can check the video in the end for full details so up now without any further ado let's get started out so first of all go to the link that is given down below in the description and download cash for apps from here register for an account once you have registered then login now from

here you wanna turn on the notifications so that you are notified when you receive points. from here tap on open cash for apps so from here you'll see a bunch of apps listed here, for each of you download you'll get points and these points will help you to get in app purchases for free from the rewards section. let me show you an example

so basically what you wanna to do is you wanna tap on any of the app from here now click on download from here click on open and download the app so once the download is completed then you'll receive the points within two minutes. now in every 3-4 hours you will see new apps listed in the apps section so

you can download them and earn points you can also receive more points by sharing cash for apps from your link. after you have collected enough points then you want to go to the reward section from here select your country now let me tell you one thing that if you don't see itunes gift card for your country listed here then the only way to get the itunes

gift card is by creating a new apple id in which i would recommend you to set your country as united states. this will take only a couple of minutes and i have also done the same so yeah after this you wanna tap on the gift card that you want to receive from here tap on buy gift card and you'll be sent a gift card to your email

now once you have received the gift card via email then tap on claim gift card option. open it in safari .......now tap on show my gift code from here tap on this link now once you are on this page then you want to copy the itunes code and go to the appstore from here tap on featured section and go all the way down now you want a tap

on redeem and enter the gift card manually from here paste the itunes code and tap on redeem. as you can see i received ten dollars for free so after you've done all this then go ahead and open super mario run now for some reason super mario run is crashing on my iphone 6 so i'll be using another iphone on which it is working fine so once you're

here then in order to unlock all the levels tap on door and from here tap on tour purchase screen now tap on this green button and.... from here tap on buy this will now unlock all the levels for you in super mario run for free. so yes now let's talk about the giveaway, so to enter rules changed (check description). the winner will be announced next week

on twitter and yes that's about it for this video thanks for watching do give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and for more super mario run videos subscribe to this channel

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