Selasa, 14 Februari 2017

hack online android games

hack online android games

hey guys how to add gems to your clash ofclans account i will show you here. this is my account and we have 243 gems. solets go to that site. site is not mine, i will share it with you. don't abuse this video. it's working for now, i don't know how longbut you can check it for yourself. if you don't know you can always ask and leavecomments below the video. and new feature is, it has proxies which isreally good for your account and you can add gems. its just safe for account. so i will use my username here.

jacksparrow88 and you can turn proxy off,but leave it on. generate and just wait for 10, 20 secondsfor server to process and thats basiclly all. you will verify now that gems. i will choosethe simpliest verification. so we have now 10 of 100 points, so we needto collect 100 points to verify those gems and to add it to clash of clans account. you can download one application here. you see, we have 30 points of 100. i will show now how it looks like after itsverified. don't click back.

it goes automaticly to this site. just leave it alone on minute or towo, andthat's all. andy eah, we have gems. so tnx for watchingthe video. guys like, share and subscribe if you want.

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