Rabu, 01 Februari 2017

hack google play payment

hack google play payment

hi guys so today im going to show you howto get any paid app for free just watch this video ok let's go first thing you want todo is downloading this app ill put the link at the discription it's called get apk marketwe're going to install it wait for it ok now we'll open it wait a litile bit you see youcan get alot of apps in here and populer once as well ok now we shall go to the play storeto apps or games or anything you want go to the app that you want to download for freelike um let's search for one ok this one we choess it go to share on top at the cornerand then go down to getapk market click on itnow after that we wait this will show upwe click on get ok so we have alot of links pick the first one and you should wait 5 secondsand that's it it's downloading now so you

can download alot of apps right here you knowany app that you would think of ok so now let's see ok you can search this is the app ok that's how it will be oknow it's just completing going to wait for it come on ok now after it completed downloadingwe should install it ok that's it just completed downloading rightabout now! ok click on it click next install just wait now it's installing that's it afteryou install it just going to click open and that's it you got the free app that you wanted please subscribe!! to androidguy

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